Wood just needs to be sanded . I stripped the stain already. I thought they would be beautiful in an expresso stain with black ones the iron. We have on of them off the wood runner for easy transport.
4 vintage and 1 "newer". The newer one has ne rear wheels as pictured. Cool shelf pieces. All for one price.
There are 2 of them, priced as a pair, covered in a kwi green material, black iron. In great shape.
No chips but minor scratches on the bottom as noted in second pic.
There s a total of different beanie babies these s do not have tags but they can be given to babies to be played with or little kids or you can still collect them for collectibles. asking cash please thank you bonus other stuffed animals A character from SpongeBob SquarePants and other little fuzzy characters. the fuzzy creatures have hands that can be stuck together so you can hang them up on ...
Wife says I can't collect anymore junk lol Sells for $350+ on eBay not including the glitter Jareth. Asking 250 or best offer. Cross posted